Who says size doesn’t matter ?.. And so we were in Barcelona. Gentle Giant and I are walking toward the Razzmatazz. Gentle Giant, of course, is my son once aka Alien, Ninotchka, Baboulinet… and the Razzmatazz is a bar where AWOLNATION is showing tonight. Bar ?! Son ?! Dad ?! Like, I mean… It was yesterday ! I was holding my son’s head in the palm of my hand and his cute tiny butt in the other !.. And now, we walk alongside the streets of Barcelona, at night, to a rock concert ?!.. He wraps his strong arm around my shoulder, looks at me smiling and says with his soft deep warm voice "Okay, mais t’es sage… tu fais pas trop le con… s’il te plaît." That’s it ! I’m gonna faint… My teenage son is now officially my dad !.. And as long as I tuck my shirt in and behave, I can do whatever I want. He’s cool !..

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