true non-awesomeness as a comfort zone : a word with moi.

where... : photography is 20% talent, 80% learned.
moi : fu*k ! just like my pay raise, I must have gotten 1,5% of the first and haven't yet really applied myself to the latter.
where... : you bit*h about people who enjoy taking photos, but don’t actually have an eye, or talent and have the nerve to call themselves a photographer.
moi : I’m not a photographer.
where... : why would anyone care whether someone else called oneself a “photographer”.
moi : whateva' !..
where... : everyone takes bad photos when starting out.
moi : hmm... 'been starting out for a long time now...
where... : even photoshop can’t fix garbage.
moi : true dat bro' ! don't I know !
where... : you have the humility to read a book (or magazine, or blog, or tutorial, or podcast) on photography.
moi : yeah, sincerely tried... but then, it's sunny outside and fu*k it, or... I dozed off.
where... : you have the humility to find a photographer (or several) whose work inspires you, and the confidence to reach out to those photographers for advice, mentorship, and constructive criticism.
moi : OMG ! I would never ever dare...
where... : you’re not trying to be better than anyone else – you’re trying to be better than who you were yesterday.
moi : who was I yesterday, où vais-je, dans quel état j'erre ?!..
where... : the answer is simple : specialize and focus.
moi : oh gosh ! that's a tough one !..